The Tana Agreement - A severe violation of the human rights of the Saami

- Today is a sad day, The norwegian parlament has passed the proposed Tana agreement, ignoring the clear and strong objections from the Saami Parliaments.

Ođas | Almmuhuvvon

The agreement has no support whatsoever from neither the saami nor the local communities and is a severe violation of the human rights of the saami. We are strongly disappointed with our governments and national parliaments and their lack of will and good faith to find political solutions through consultations with the Saami Parliaments and the affected saami communities.

Instead this aggrement will be solved in the courts in Norway and Finland, and from a legal point of view we are confindent that the human rights of the Saami will prevail in the end. In many ways this can be seen as an admission of failure by our governments for finding viable solotions through our political systems.

We call upon the support of the international community and our indigenous brothers and sisters worldwide to continue our battle against the Tana Agreement.

Tiina Sanila Aikio

President, the Saami Parliament in Finland

Vibeke Larsen

President, the Saami Parliament in Norway

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